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Matilda Egere-Cooper

American-born journalist and photographer Matilda Egere-Cooper has been a regular contributor to The Independent since 2005. A fierce lover of hip-hop culture, soul music and the underdog, her features have also appeared in i-D and Dazed & Confused, and she picked up an award for her writing in 2007. Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Al Green are her top three interviewees of all time, but if she had a choice, she wouldn't mind sharing cupcakes with Michelle Obama. Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/megerecooper

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Great, great, great show last night from one of jazz's premier pianists with the ability to captivate the stiff followers and the hip-hop heads with his eclecticism and respect for rap's forefathers. And the inclusion of the quirky singer Bilal was the icing - the cream cheese variety if you need a more pertinent metaphor.

Jazz is still a strange genre though. Before Glasper took to the stage, I felt I was being punished by the contrived experimentalism of Stonephace and while the crowd sat politely in awe (or shock), I really felt like messing up the proceedings and running to the front of the stage and screaming: "Is this for REAL????" That's what awful jazz can do to you sometimes; get you fantasising or looking for the closest implement around to dig out your eardrums. Yea, it was that bad.

Thankfully, Glasper was one of the good guys - witty, talented and engaging - and his album Double Booked is simply wonderful. Favourite track: All Matter feat. Bilal



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